Do you have a burning desire to have more in your life?

More happiness, more time, more abundance?

KahnCierge Services

Life is all about moments.

  • We can’t effect change on the past. It’s happened! We can only learn from it. The good and uuuhhh not so good…
  • We can’t effect change on the future (in real time, that is). We can, however, take inspired and intentional action to prepare for the future.
  • We can’t dwell in the past or in dreams of the future for too long.

What matters is now and what you do with your time and MOMENTS right now.

I was complacent for many years, knowing I had more in me – but not ready to challenge my comfortable life. Internally, I was yearning for more, knowing deep within that I could impact and empower women like you – to be your best self and live your best life. Until I was complacent no more. I spent years learning what I needed to, so I could be of service to you (reflecting – everything happens for a reason). My path led me to this point – for you!

I’ve developed a system which helps you gain maximum momentum in the shortest time – because life IS short.

And you have a gift, talent and a voice which the world needs to experience and hear, now.

Not in a few years time. Now!


Feeling inspired to take action and live for now, in preparation for tomorrow…

Then work with me so your future self can thank you.

Warrior Mom, your time is now

3 days to kickstart your self discovery journey

Find your voice – Be  authentic & unapologetic

7 days awareness & authenticity challenge

Wonder Woman Mentor programme

3 month mentorship with me, your resident Life Stylist working with you solely to fulfil your life dreams. Be unapologetically authentic in how you show up as your best TRUE YOU.

You get 2 hours per month of intensive mentoring, guiding and transformation work, unlimited email access, and lifetime access to my customised-for-you resources.


And if that isn’t enough, I have local services available, ensuring you have time to do the inner work and have your responsibilities taken care of..

Bespoke Gifting for any occassion

Custom Travel Arrangements

Personal Shopping

Event Management and Faciliation



You CAN THRIVE immediately!


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