Bella Donna Krugersdorp – Finishing Classes

The life skills you’ll gain will remain with you for life and enhance every interaction you make. You will gain a deep rooted sense of self worth, inner confidence, self belief, self sufficiency, higher purpose and a determination to achieve against great odds.

We believe people who achieve against, sometimes insurmountable obstacles have a few key common traits:
personal development, self belief and social & business etiquette.

With approximately 20 modules of life skill lessons, we at Bella Donna Krugersdorp, offer a customised package according to your requirements.

There’s always loads of FUN to be had whilst learning essential lifeskills

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Personal Skills Development: Personal Care, Personal Style, Deportment, Nutrition, Dance, Confidence Building, Art of Conversation
Self Sufficient Woman: Changing Plugs, Tyres; First Aid, Self Defence, Career Planning, Art of Conversation
The Conversationalist: Public Speaking, The Art of Conversation, Relationships
Business Etiquette: Goal Setting, Time Management, Etiquette, Money Matters, Public Speaking
Social Etiquette: Dining Etiquette, Social Graces,  Art of Conversation

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Contact Debbie Myburgh today to find out about our one-on-ones, monthly classes and day and holiday workshops held in your area.

Bella Donna Krugersdorp is a branch of Bella Donna Finishing Classes. Contact Mandy Ross for further information in areas outside of the West Rand.

For further detail: Bella Donna Finishing Class modules.