A Stitch in Time saves Nine

Tips to help you gain back your time   Look around you. Stop what you’re doing. Stop reading, stop multitasking… scanning emails, social media, calendar, answering calls and / or grabbing a bite to eat. Look around you. Look at your surroundings. What do you see? I’ll wait for you.     Ok, you’re back. … Continue reading A Stitch in Time saves Nine

The Ultimate Quick Guide to Living Well

Here's what living your best life really means and how you can achieve it A lifestyle of health, love, success or beauty means something different to everyone. Your way of life is as unique as it should be. Although it requires work, there are simple ways to enhance your life, now. To live your best … Continue reading The Ultimate Quick Guide to Living Well

Inspired by true events

Have you ever had those days where you need something done but don't have time? Our clients have experienced this and have not looked back! We do exclusive personalized, thoughtful, creative, specialised and customised special occasion birthday, care and pamper packages & gifts. How about a unique and memorable experience for you and your girlfriends … Continue reading Inspired by true events

Mental Load – What is it and how to deal..

Can we talk about #mentalload for a minute? Anybody experience racing thoughts lately, on everything work and family related? You know that feeling of overwhelm, all too well, don't you? We all experience it, but it's been proven more so, for working moms. You feel fine, but you realise you're tense - holding your breath, … Continue reading Mental Load – What is it and how to deal..

Handle all things Black Friday… like a true PRO!!

for all you need, to stay in the know   I LOVE a good sale, don't you? #blackisback, Pre-Black Friday, Black Friday Week, Black Friday, Grey Saturday, Pay Day Party Saturday, After Party Sunday, Cyber Monday..  they had me at BF!! Many stores have enticed us by providing exclusive previews, VIP screening and pre-sale shopping. My … Continue reading Handle all things Black Friday… like a true PRO!!

Time to upgrade your wardrobe

Top to Toe tips for SPRING Yes please bring it on! Gone are the days for boots & coats, scarves & long sleeves. However, the weather is erratic, so we will have to do a gradual wardrobe change. Be inspired below - there's something for everyone. Get the Spring feels.. let it tingle from the … Continue reading Time to upgrade your wardrobe