This deserves a full post, stick to the end – it’s worth seeing all the beauty from within reflectd in their presence..


I’m by no means a royalist, but it’s their 1 week anniversary :). I don’t follow their activities, yes I said it😲😄.


The only times I remember being interested, were the days Princess Di, Kate Duchess of Cambridge and now Meghan Duchess of Sussex were married. (did a bit of research for the titles 😄 )


Ok…. that’s 3 too many royal weddings😂.

Seriously though – I don’t follow them, but Meghan’s been someone I’ve admired.

Not to compare, but to observe nuances and because I’m fascinated😍 by people, here’s my POV.

Princess Di was iconic in her demure, shy but quietly confident nature and in what she came to do. She was the first Royal to really engage with the “commoners” and resulted in being the People’s Princess. Definitely gone too soon.

Princess Diana

Kate was not from royal bloodline either (I think? ok I forget – not important right now). She’s the future Princess of Whales (no she won’t be Queen), and the perfect choice and companion to the future King. She’s poised and has learnt many of the Royal ways, down to an art.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

Now, Meghan Markle before she became a Duchess, was a strong confident woman – bi-racial, divorcee, actress, humanitarian and activist. (all the firsts in the Royal Family..)

She got it from her momma Doria – such regal composure. She sat alone❣, while everyone else in the entire building had someone by their side.

Mom Doria & Meghan

Back to Meghan… She had her life planned out.  Apparently as a young girl she watched Princess Di who inspired her. She’s been an activist and feminist since age 11. Meghan made her way through life very determinedly, making some tough (and sometimes strategic) calls on relationships & friendships. It’s been said she will continue her work of female empowerment, but with a much bigger influential sphere!

Yes, strategic, because aren’t we all, all about our boundaries and who we let in and/or let go of?

And if this is how God rewards her with the ability to impact the world in her natural, refined and elegant manner – then I say YES, I’m speechless at the providence and love that was part of the royal wedding.

That shows, there is power in thoughts, words and actions❣


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Some questioned the simplicity of the Duchess’ wedding dress…. hhhhmmm

Did anybody stop to ask why The Duke’s attire was understated or underwhelming as some would say? No, because that’s what is expected of him. Although he does things according to his own needs / wants with a healthy dose of respect for his family.


A woman of worth, Meghan stood firm in her truth and beliefs.

From the tiara of elegant simplicity. The 5m veil & train (ode to Princess Di’s longest 7m train). 52 commonwealth flowers, including the protea flower and forget-me-nots (Princess Di’s fave) in her bouquet. The elegant Audrey Hepburn look of the dress – boatneck neckline, 3/4 sleeve, fit to perfection with room for comfort. (yes those sleeves were meant to be roomier, for form people :)) Simple natural makeup, showing her freckles and who she is authentically.

Her carriage was that of a true royal!!!

She WORE her Givenchy dress [the dress didn’t wear her], makeup by the Honest Company and Cartier jewellery to perfection. The Duchess was regal, refined, elegant and understated. Simply Gorgeous – in the double banded exquisite fabric with only 6 seams, triple layered chiffon of her veil – bringing history to the new Royal era with Queen Mary’s beadeau tiara. Even her hair that ‘accidentally’ fell out felt purposeful to me.

Everything was planned down to every last detail and I cannot fault her choices, at all!!!

Added to alllllll of this was her evening reception dress 😍.


Meghan, the Duchess was confident & truly happy, all day❣.

She glowed. She floated and even sashayed bit ;). She sparkled❣
…and continues to do so

at Prince Charles’ 70th Birthday


Guess what? So can you, everyday, all day.


Now that you’ve read my take, what’s yours? I know you were either agreeing vigorously / diasgreeing vehemently. Have your say in the comments or on social media @kahnciergeservices
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