Tips to help you gain back your time


Look around you. Stop what you’re doing. Stop reading, stop multitasking… scanning emails, social media, calendar, answering calls and / or grabbing a bite to eat.

Look around you. Look at your surroundings. What do you see? I’ll wait for you.



Ok, you’re back. Did you take a good look? Chances are – if you’re at home, in any room, there’s a space where you pile things (with the intention of clearing it up later.)

We aaaaall have those areas.. the kitchen counter (guilty), the last shelf in the kitchen sink (guilty), the bathroom cabinet or the very top of our closets :)… What’s your guilty secret??

Believe. Me. I. Know.  It’s an uphill battle at home! Everytime I clear up and declutter/purge items, someone walks pass and places something new until I look again and it’s choas lol.

But, that doesn’t stop us from trying, right? We all want some semblance of order. Especially a creative like myself – I need the organised chaos as much as the structure, or I won’t ever find anything again *hidesface*.

If you’re at the office, when last have you looked through your filing cabinet, your document trays, your stationery holders, your drawers?





And your desktop?



Have your desktop trays been cleared efficiently over the last week/month? Were you able to find exactly what you were looking for? Or did it take you just those extra few minutes too long to find the document you know you signed?

Touching a piece of paper twice is not efficient. Deal with said document / task, do the work and remove it from your space once complete.


Do you know that if your computer crashes, you could lose all files on your desktop?

Remember how we were advised to create folders and save similar information in them?

Not necessary, it takes more time – whether you’re searching individual folders or within a main folder that has subfolders.


What about your Email?

Save yourself the hassle of filing emails in different folders – create data (.pst) files for received and sent emails. A keyword or two and the search is sooooo much quicker.





Are there any other areas of your life that need decluttering or attention?

Here are more ways we can help you take back your time.








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