Can we talk about #mentalload for a minute?

Anybody experience racing thoughts lately, on everything work and family related?

Credit: Emma

You know that feeling of overwhelm, all too well, don’t you?
We all experience it, but it’s been proven more so, for working moms.

You feel fine, but you realise you’re tense – holding your breath, clenched jaws, snapping for minor things gone wrong.. and a myriad other symptoms.

You’re either getting too little or too much sleep, eating less or more than you normally would. You could be on an emotional rollercoaster or you could be the calmest person alive – just waiting to explode lol.

Credit: Emma

There’s help at hand.

You can feel less overwhelmed with these Tips:

* Make lists

By writing your declutter your mind and get rid of the mental load

* Share chores

Even little kids can pick up their clothing. Yes I know… my older kids still don’t – so I leave it right there until they pick it up 🙂

* Ask for help

No really, don’t assume your partner knows what you need 😉

* Breathe

Deeply and conciously. You can schedule breathing time on your health devices / apps or when you need it.

* Take a walk

A change of perspective helps one realise that there is more to life than worrying about the things we can’t change.
So, next time you start to feel overwhelmed ask for help, we’re right here healping you deal with your load 🙂



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