How do you incorporate colour in your life?

Do you wear a specific colour because it makes you feel good? or do you grab the first ironed item😉 ??
Absolutely nothing wrong with either – there has to be some balance right 🙂


*** Once you’ve chosen your OOTD how do you feel all day – confident, calm, energetic, on edge, ADD, or like you’re having the best day of your life?


What about painting your home? That brings a deeper level of commitment to a colour which can cause anxiety..

*** Trust your gut go with what makes you happy – you live there after all💜

The same applies to décor, have you made any bad furniture choices? Everytime you walk passed that lounge suite you want to kick yourself lol not as dramatic as that I’m sure!

*** Want to play it safe and make good sound investments? Go for neutral shades for foundation walls or pieces of furniture and add pops of colour as accents.

*** Colour plays an integral role in our lives. Everywhere you go, in everything you do, colour is involved.

I remember, very clearly back in primary school… We learned to knit (kids just don’t do that anymore!! Lost art🤔, anyway, we had to choose 2 colours only.

My choice? Purple (obviously… a rich bold purple too) and the other orange! (Yes, a deep shade). I’m sure my love for colour started even before then. For the life of me, I can’t remember what I knitted 🤣 but those shades have been etched in my mind ever since. I’ve played around with various colours on that side of the colour wheel but always seem to steer clear of yellow and green.


Have you taken note of which colours you’ve been drawn to lately?

– You surround yourself with different colours because of the shift you’re experiencing

– Or the colours are shifting your perspective.

Give it a go, and tell us which came first the chicken or the egg..


Oh sorry! lost train of thought😂

The colour or the change 💜


Have fun with colour, the world would be a pretty dreary place without it;)


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