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I LOVE a good sale, don’t you?

#blackisback, Pre-Black Friday, Black Friday Week, Black Friday, Grey Saturday, Pay Day Party Saturday, After Party Sunday, Cyber Monday..  they had me at BF!!
Many stores have enticed us by providing exclusive previews, VIP screening and pre-sale shopping.

My fave great deals thus far: Zando’s shoe sale, Spree’s annual R20 LBD (yes really!!) Superbalist’s Showdown has a countdown for each day wooo hooo, @home, Clicks buy 2 get 1 free, Typo (ahhh Typo)..

There are way too many to mention, so we’re going to use the research, already done by all, in the following links.   #worksmart right 😉

If you’re getting in on the action, here are some

fab shopping guides and tips on where and when to shop for:

Technology, Cosmetics, Hair Care, Electronics, Beauty, Health and everything else .

You get the gist – everything’s on sale:)
  • Now’s the time to spend if you can, within your budget.
  • Do your price checks for best prices and look at the price trends of recent past.
  • Research your big ticket items like Home, Gardening and Travel.
Like really! what more could we possibly ask for?!?
However, with the good comes some bad

please take careful note..

The bad news is that there is some, ok, a LOT of craziness. There are scams, long queues in store and hanging sites online.

Be extra vigilant when shopping, during sale and festive season – take the necessary precautions.

Remember – there’s nothing more important than your family.

You now have all the information required, for happy & safe shopping :).

What are you waiting for 😉




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