Here's what living your best life really means

and how you can achieve it

A lifestyle of health, love, success or beauty means something different to everyone. Your way of life is as unique as it should be. Although it requires work, there are simple ways to enhance your life, now.

To live your best life… in style, means to find joy in the everyday moments of life, surrounded by natural or curated beauty.



Do everything with your best efforts and abilities, in your own style. No one is perfect, however executing anything half-heartedly doesn’t make one happy. Living life on purpose is living up to your true potential.


Eat healthy/ier smaller meals and drink water throughout the day (this prevents snacking and dehydration).
*Everything in moderation!

80% what you put in your body; 20% what you do with your body.
*So get physical too. A minimum of 20 minutes movement a day also gets endorphins going which last up to 24hours.

Food for the soul.
*Enhance your spiritual life as even tiny actions move you forward.


If you are content with your life and your surroundings (for the most part), you’re in a good place. Your life is in flow.

If you’re still searching for happiness, make some adjustments:
– Start with understanding and accepting yourself.
– Who do you spend time with? Do you feel elated when you’re in their company and if not, at the very least not drained?
– When you are with family and friends, be present. Do a digital detox if you must 😉


Take the time to put your best foot forward – whatever you wear, in whichever way you wear it, the most important aspects are: fit, colour and how you feel.

Smile naturally from a place of inner happiness and not only will others return that smile, but the benefits are.. you will feel better too.


Look around you, what can you enhance?

Try decluttering your space.
– A clean desk improves productivity
– A clutter free bedroom – well bliss isn’t it?
– A living area with minimal gadgets YES!
– The bathroom – let light and beauty in.
– A landscaped garden / pretty flowers and potplants = serenity.

A positive outlook is required with every aspect of your life. Try giving each of the above, the attention they deserve. You will find you have the opportunity to live your best life and be relentlessly optimistic.

Printable: The Ultimate Live your Best Life Guide


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