I’m not necessarily a Beyoncé fan but there are some songs which don’t leave the recesses of your mind;)

and there’s truth to it..



Women have a vital role to play, literally and figuratively – we bring life into the world and we provide life in the many forms of nurturing to our loved ones.

There’s practically no time for ourselves (yes! there I go again) because it’s in our nature. We’re always giving of ourselves to others until we reach the point where we have no choice but to take stock and do a bit of refueling.

I do hope your Women’s Day was amazing and you had time to fill your cup with family and friends and on your own. May you never forget you are truly valued🌷


Going forward I want you to promise you won’t wait for Women’s Day or Mother’s Day or your birthday to celebrate YOU and to take time out for yourself.

Do it regularly- take time and spend time on your own or with your girls every other month.

– Try new activities 

– Go for coffee or a sundowner

– Go retro and do something you loved years ago

– Stay up late, get up early, sleep in

whatever you do,

Do You and have fun doing it.

Happy Women’s Day, beautiful ❤️


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