The key to Living Life in Harmony

“My tired is tired” – that’s how I felt chasing the illusive work-life balance.

There was no balance because I wasn’t fully present at home when I had a deadline looming… I couldn’t stop worrying when my children were at home ill. Can you relate?

So, instead of trying to find work life balance, I don’t. I’ve given up on that theory. Instead, I strive to live life in harmony.

By making the best decisions I can, making time for what matters most and accepting the outcome – no regrets.


Living life in harmony starts with finding out what and who matters most in your life.


Ask yourself 3 questions…

Spend time with those who matter most

Family, friends, work colleagues – make sure these are people who make you feel uplifted, not drained.

Have fun with them or on your own at least once a month.

Do what matters most

Spend time doing what you love most (on most days at the very least).

We can’t always chase rainbows, but when we should do it with all our heart.

Maximize your time…

…to find time for that which matters most – Joy.

When commuting, have conversations with those in the car with you, listen to music or audio books.

Delegate and Outsource – what drains you, could be someone else’s passion. #justsaying 😉

Create moments

Moments where you do something for others. There is nothing like giving of yourself or giving to others, even if it’s just a smile. It’s in how you make them feel.

Maya Angelou said your legacy is in the lives you touch. Could not agree more!

I’ve tried many ways to ensure harmony, and honestly I always come right back to a simple, tried and trusted solution. Going with my Intuition. 


You can’t go back… but you can start now, to create a new ending.

Love, Light & Harmony



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