Yes you read right – October’s almost over

What does that mean for you??


Well I for one am so thrilled that it’s Spring here in Sunny SA. I absolutely love the feel of the sun on my skin. Winter’s a complete downer for me (story for another day)..

However I can’t believe that my big fabulous birthday came and went in such a FLASH. At first I couldn’t decide if I was ready for it or not, then I couldn’t decide if I wanted a party or not. That was just milestone madness at play.

Of course as soon as I listened to my own advice about being true to myself and started re-discovering myself I completely jumped at the chance to let go and have some fun. We had an amazing night dancing all night and chilling with family and friends in a beautiful, fun setting. Dreams are made of these… It was truly the rebirth of my love for vintage chic, continued obsession for glitz and glam and of course all things rose gold!


Over the past month and a bit, with the help of some amazingly awesome ladies I met online, I have rediscovered my purpose, owning it, totally enjoying the journey.

All my creativity finally has an outlet, no longer stifled inside of me lols. Have you any idea how tough that is 😉


So back to why October being almost over is important – the end of the year brings about a new sense of purpose for most. If you are not truly living in yours, what are you doing with your days? Are you living life to the full? Are you living as though today may be your last, are you stuck in the past, or even the future?

Wherever you find yourself, I hope you’re happy.

Get out there, have fun, make some new friends, go on a holiday, be kind to yourself, spring clean your home (or at the very least one room), spend time in quiet reflection and gratitude or out in the sun with your loved ones.

Now is the time to achieve big goals, for pulling up your big pants and rocking it.





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