just guess what today is??


so what does this mean for us?

3 months left to get our summer bodies but that doesn’t mean it’s over! Not by a long shot… we still have the season of Spring – phew what a relief.

It’s just going to get easier now that the temperature’s warming up.

There’s lots to do out and about in Johannesburg

Go for a walk / run, get some Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is a real thing, and it is quite serious – I’ve heard about quite a few people recently who are / have suffered from it. Soooo…
Go to the Walter Sisulu Gardens (for a small fee) hike up to the top of the waterfall – they have an outdoor gym as well – how cool is that?!?
Other areas in the North also have beautiful outdoor gyms, best part is they’re free, so there is no excuse…
Join Run/Walk for Life
Join up with a few of your neighbours

Dance and live a little..

You can have a dance off right in your living room with your family!
Join a dance class. I love Zumba, tried Barre exercises, still trying to get into it…
I’m desperately trying to get PoundFit to SA – rocking it out with drum sticks looks totally amazing!.. so anyone travelling, hook us up won’t you ;))))
Go dancing with your friends

Get some sort of exercise

Put a DVD on
Get out your skipping rope
Do some lunges and crunches and yes try some planks or burpees – good luck, those kill 🙂


At the end of the day

Do what makes you happy









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