The Results are in

We asked if time (amongst other questions) was an issue for you and 86% of you answered… that you always or mostly are time-starved. This is now coined as Time Famine by researchers.


Did you know that this Time Famine is a worldwide issue??

Out of 1000 respondents in a recent survey by YouGov / HuffPost,

“Only 13 percent of respondents say they have enough time to accomplish the things that are important to them every day”

And only 18% would consider earning less to have more time.

It makes sense – why would I want to earn less for just one day off? And how would I guarantee that I won’t have to end up workig those hours in, without pay because the workload would inevitably stay the same..

So what’s the alternative? Delegate, not only professionally but personally. Get someone you trust to do the work for you.

That person is us ;). Make use of our services and get back your time, the time you need to spend YOUR way.

Time is your most precious and valuable commodity – use it wisely 



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