You know about guy codes, but what about the Gentleman’s Code – should that not come first?

Few things make a woman happier and a parent prouder than a man/boy who opens doors for others.

Isn’t it wonderful when a gentleman stands and waits for a lady to be seated? Now be honest, how often do you see this? Is this behaviour that antiquated?

Ark ages


When we do witness such behaviour, we are pleasantly surprised, but this need not be an exception. Young men can and should learn from a young age, etiquette which will stand them in good stead all through their lives.

The same could also be said about a well dressed man.

manners according to Tom Ford
Manners according to Tom Ford

There is something special about a man who dresses well and carries himself well – it shows a distinctive self confidence and self belief. From the tips of his shoes to the way his hair is groomed. When he looks good he feels good, when he takes pride in himself he looks good.


Style never dates
Style never dates


Both Manners and Clothing maketh the Man!

Bella Donna Krugersdorp offers all aged boys and men the tools to equip themselves with necessary skills (see our unisex Modules ) and grooming techniques to give them the distinctive competitive edge in life.


Let’s raise, partner with and work with some Distinguished Gentlemen.


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