Classes have been in full swing, from Mom and Daughter classes.. to weekly sessions at schools.. to once off Self Defence classes.

Our students are gaining immeasurable skills to give them the competitive edge in life with our Bella Donna Finishing Classes from the Bella Donna Krugersdorp Branch.

 Goal Setting and work area planning

Here, the young ladies from Krugersdorp High School were hard at work on their goal setting planning and re-structuring their home work areas. A neat and organised area = a neat and organised mind.

Learn the technique
Learn the technique
Add and remove as required
Set goals with a clear mind and time dedicated to the process


All ready to implement

Self Defence

A Self Defence class, in collaboration with Barry & Crista from Krav Maga Supremacy, delivered to the students of Christian Calvary College. One needs to know the correct techniques of self defence to adequately protect oneself from harm, even in previously safe environments such as a mall or outing with friends.

Self Defence
Self Defence ABCs – Learn the basics first

Barry & Chris - Krav Maga Supremacy

then practice the correct technique with supervision

Self Defence class


practice with different sized opponents


it will soon become muscle memory

Happy Students Empowered with Self Defence skills


Stay tuned for information on workshops we’ll be hosting in the coming months.


***We wish all our students the best for the upcoming exams***

Work hard, be strong, keep pushing and achieve your goals so you can be proud of your work ethic and the effort you have all put in.


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